Laptop Table - Specifications

Laptop table - Specifications

     In case you are searching out multi utility cooler table for your PC, then My Buddy+ would be the pleasant desire for you. That is the ultimate laptop accessory that permits the laptop customers to get entry to their laptop in any posture they preference. Most importantly, the table comes with in-constructed cooling fan that preserve your laptop cool at the same time as the usage of it. My Buddy+ may be used with nearly all models of laptops available today.

     The appealing function of My Buddy+ is that the angles and heights of the desk can be adjusted in line with the necessities of the PC users. The table also permits angular or vertical adjustments and the cooling fan integrated comes with 1800 RPM. There's no additional twine required to maintain the enthusiasts useful as it may be linked with PC to preserve the enthusiasts working. The desk is foldable and users can without difficulty bring the desk at the side of them. appropriate for use on mattress, garden, carpet, couch also.

Comfortable & Secure

     Precise wrist protection and anti-slip machine. soft silica rubber material facilitates keep your wrist and hand more secure.

Advanced Cooling

     My Buddy+ computer cooler affords a strong air waft allowing you to work all day without making any noise and interrupting your waft.

Compact size with adjustable height & angle

     It’s compressed and fold back design makes it easy to carry for travel or clean storage.

With the assist of ergonomic layout and multi adjustable peak setting, the My buddy + PC cooler presents you with the most enjoyable incline attitude for all-day viewing and tying.

Permit vertical and angular adjustments ( 0 - 300 degrees)
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Functions & information

Stylish transportable: Very appealing layout and finish, legs may be folded completely to make it enormously transportable.

Sturdy & Adjustable: Vertical Extension of Legs and Angular adjustments (0-30 degrees) of pinnacle, it has soft Notches given on one side of flat-top to prevent things from rolling down when tilted.

Compatible: Length and strength guarantees that all pc fashions can be mounted on it, a separate region to preserve mouse with mouse-pad.

Computer protection: Cooling and Noiseless Fan velocity of 1800 RPM protects your PC from Heating up at the same time as using.

Cleanliness and anti dust: Clean pinnacle may be wiped with wet smooth cloth without damaging the top.

Voltage: 5W ; Connector: USB 2.0 ; input : DC V 200mA (Max) ; materials: MDF Board.

Product Description

     My Buddy+ (transportable PC stand with cooling fan) in case you are searching out multi utility cooler table, then My Buddy+ will be the great choice for you. That is the closing laptop accent that lets in the laptop customers to access their laptop in any posture they desire.

     Most importantly, the desk comes with in-built cooling fans that hold your PC cool while the usage of it. This laptop cooler table can be used with almost all fashions of laptops to be had these days. The attractive function of My Buddy+ is that the angles and heights of the table may be adjusted in step with the necessities of the computer customers. The desk additionally lets in angular or vertical adjustments and the cooling fan incorporated comes with 1800 RPM. There may be no extra twine required to hold the fans practical as it could be related with laptop to preserve the enthusiasts operating. The table is foldable and users can without difficulty bring the desk at the side of them.

From the Manufacturer

Stylish and Efficient

     The Portronics My Buddy+ laptop table is neatly constructed as a strong laptop table with curved edges and sturdy legs with flat stands. It's flat grey surface, polished smooth end with contrasting white give up caps lends it more advantageous visible attraction. Designed with a raised support bar towards the bottom edge, you can easily vicinity your PC securely and effectively against it and prevent slippage.

      Offering a available integrated cooling fan as properly, this Portronics My buddy+ table stand is a great in one tool to use. there's no want for use of wires as you absolutely want to plug the cooling fan's USB into the computer and permit it to chill your tool, when in use.

Bendy and portable

     Designed to be used in any angle or function, this Portronics laptop table makes for a flexible and portable peripheral. The laptop table with cooling fan features both vertical and angular adjustments from 0 to 30 degrees. You may adjust the height and posture, be it standing, bending, folded, long standing or joints folded to without problems suit your requirements. While now not in use, its compressed and fold lower back design makes it easy to carry for journey or clean garage. Youngsters, college students, work professionals and greater will love using this elegant portable laptop stand because of its flexibility, efficiency and comfort.

Manufacturer : Portronics

Use : Laptop assist, pc Cooling

Colour : Grey

Dimensions : 52 X 30 X 2.4 cm

Weight : 1.5kg

Fan : Built-in USB, 1800 RPM speed, 2W power

Angle of panel : 0-30% adjustable

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